Brasov, a living legend!

Hello to you all!

Today, I offer you a city-break in a town that even today keeps an authentic medieval scent combined in the same time with actual modern style.

Our program will be different! Why? Because we promise to tell you the history of the city and you will be able to choose between what you want to do during your journey.

Of course, when you will arrive at the airport you will be welcomed by an English-speaking tour guide that can assist you all the way through the journey, if you choose so. If you don’t want a guided tour you can also get here on your own, with all directions you’ll need during your stay.

We will take care of the accommodation, routes, rent-a-car, restaurants, tourist attractions (things and places that you must see on your visiting schedule). During my journeys in Brasov I learned that 4 days/3 nights would be enough for you to take the pulse of this medieval city and to live a bit as we do, here in Romania.

What could you do in the first day after landing in the airport? Once you arrive in Bucharest, especially if your flight landed early in the morning, it would be a pity not to visit several local attractions famous worldwide; one of them is the Palace of Parliament, the most beloved building of the communist dictator Ceausescu. Then you could transpose into our traditional culture by taking a visit to the Village Museum and afterwards, if the time schedule is open, you could take a walk within the Old City Centre of Bucharest where you can taste our local cuisine in one of the many best rated restaurants.

After a very tasty meal, you can now travel to Brasov with a rented car that we’ll provide you or with our travel tour guide. The route is relatively simple and not that long, approximately 165 km.

Before you get to see Brasov, you can make few more stops, because places that are see-worthy, we have a lot, thanks to God!

Peles Palace, the summer holiday place to stay of King Mihai, is a palace where in the past took place parties, dances, balls, meetings between princes, princesses, kings and queens that worn incredible elegant outfits… Just like you’ve heard only in fairy tales…

This visit you can take only if you choose to do so and you can stop here on your round trip.

Continuing your way to Brasov, as  this is our destination, you can admire an astonishing and fascinating landscape with running waters, mountains surrounded by woods and other cities. And we should not forget the people living in these places because Romanian people are remarkably in their honest hospitality. They are the sweetest, so to say, the kindest and most brimming over with vitality people you will ever meet.

Once you’ve reached in Brasov, you will be so surprised, as I was saying, about the medieval scent of this city, yet modern and aligned to nowadays style.

You can take a deep breath of fresh air, you came through! Welcome!

As the day will soon be over, once you’ve checked in at the hotel that we have provided, you can take a small walk through downtown.

Narrow streets with tiny restaurants, taverns and pubs that surrounds Sfatului Square will invite you to take a step inside and be delighted.

What can we say more about Sfatului Square? Well, there are a lot of things to tell you about this place. It has been lasting since The Middle Age. Here the ‘sasi’ and the Romanian people met to trade; the crème-de-la-crème of that times met to draw laws and took surveillance for justice.

As I am talking about justice, let me tell you that here, the so-called witches were burned out on the bonfire or thrown out in the waters of the ‘Lake of the twelve witches’. Here in the Square, the witches were gathered and given as a negative example for certain matters of behaviour and they were convicted to death by beheading, at the Disgrace Pillar, where there was being kept a truly show off.

In Sfatului square there were kept in a lot of other trials. Here there are underground tunnels where the leadership ever since the Middle Age, gathers food supplies, so necessary for locals during a siege.

In the second day that you will spend here, after you will have a traditional breakfast, we recommend you not to miss the Black Church, another full of legend place that you must see.

I like this spot a lot and I will even tell you a story about it, the legend of the child staying on the cornice of this church.

It says that a bricklayer agreed to be hired by an artisan that took care of the church work.

Considering that the bricklayer was too handy and he might take the artisan’s place in the church work, the artisan became envious on his apprentice. So, full of contentiousness, he killed the bricklayer by pushing him out of the cornice when he was bent over, trying to take something at the request of the master.

The death of his apprentice, settled the artisan down for a while, but he soon found out that the bricklayer said only great things about him, his wonderful work and how capable he was.

Because of what he did, he was filled up with regret and decided to build a statue representing the bent boy in the same place he once pushed the bricklayer over the cornice.

Once again, he didn’t stand the torture of his remorse and he gave up to the authorities, in this way being sentenced to death.

Once you’ve finished visiting the Black Church, also take a quick walk to Bran Castle. Oh, yes!

Draculas’ Castle, the Vampires’ Castle! Is this only a legend or is this true? I don’t know, you’ll see that, once you get there, if you have the good luck or the bad luck to meet Dracula in person. If he has a good day, you are the luckiest one! All the tourists that visited this castle in the past years, have all been very lucky.

The legendary character has only tangential associations with Vlad the Impaler, Prince of Wallachia, the presumed inspiration for Dracula.

The castle is now a museum open for tourists displaying out furniture collected by Queen Marie.

The next day, now the 3rd one for you, I suggest you a lightly plan, because you don’t have an everyday hook-up with a real vampire, as you had a day before, don’t you?

You can climb up Tampa mountain, a real symbol for Brasov, whose legend says that here were sheltered dragons and that there are catacombs, or even that in the underground there is a piece of sea that can flood the whole city in case of a runoff.

You will also have time for a shopping session or for tasting as much as you can, out of our traditional dishes that are keeping an authentic taste due to use of ecological products only.

In the evening, you can choose a pub or a restaurant with Romanian theme to spend the night off.

Depending on your flight schedule, in the last day that you spend here, we are going to meet at the airport to get to know each other, to share memories that you’ve earned or to invite you to other marvellous places where we can go together, why not?!

I am looking forward for you to join me!

Tours are organised for groups of 2 to 30 persons.