The bloodiest fortress of Vlad Tepes (Vlad the Impaler, aka Dracula)


Poenari Fortress 2

The wonderful landscape of this area, the citadel’s location and the legends that have been hatched over time, make it unique.
This fortress was built with the purpose of defence and observation, being built on the top of a cliff. Originally it was used only as observation tower, but later Vlad Tepes built the citadel. Ever since its construction, this citadel was smeared with blood. The legend has it that Vlad Tepes once invited all the noblemen to a feast, but then he punished the traitorous boyars who colluded against his family and thus losing his brother and father. As a sign of revenge, Vlad Tepes has forced the young noblemen, along with their wives, to participate to the construction of the citadel and even imposed a 6 months’ deadline for this purpose. The older boyars, unable to carry on the construction works, have been impaled.

Poenari Fortress 4


To reach the fortress you should climb 1480 steps.
I let you imagine how it will be, and whether you will have muscle soreness after you climb all 1480 steps. Until then I will tell you few more legends, all related to Vlad the Impaler, aka Dracula, as for when you will take the visit to the spot, to fully enjoy the moment.
As I said, the fortress is stained with blood. It is the place where you can discover some of the remains of dead infants before being baptized, bones of people who, during their life, were bad persons, and not least, the place of hidden orgies, held during Dracula’s lifetime. It is the citadel where Vlad Tepes impaled, burned and killed without mercy.
Legends do not stop here. While you already think of how you could reach this citadel, I’ll depict some more stories on my blog.

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