On the footsteps of Dracula 


Clock Tower from Sighisoara

Sighisoara – the medieval fortress.

Sighisoara, the citadel that managed to deceive the passage of time, and today it teaches us quite a large part of the medieval history of those times.

Sighisoara, the museum city or the fairy-tale citadel, is that kind of place that we heard about in our childhood stories, with those beautiful tall houses, with clock towers and skilled craftsmen who weaved together parables for a good education. The images were being born as real over us and we were taken in a coloured, soft and old world. Sighisoara is nowadays very much alike.
The story of the citadel begins long before the raising of the fortress’ walls – preservers of the history and legends – which are still standing nowadays, but one of the stories is worth mentioning here; other small tales and stories will follow within our blog post.
I do not know if the place chosen him or he chose the place, but here was born the fiery prince of Wallachia, Vlad Draculea, the Impaler or Dracula.

Sighisoara - The Citadel

Whether it was an angel of justice or a bloody vampire, born in 1431, Vlad Tepes, spent his early childhood in his father’s (Vlad Dracul) house, here in Sighisoara. Vlad Tepes learned here German, Hungarian and Latin languages. The contact with the city and the area’s various ethnic groups, have contributed to the achievement of what was to become one of the most gifted, and bloodiest of the leaders. The house where the fiery prince Dracula was born is still standing, as a well-preserved fresco, which seems to be the real and clear proof that the property belonged to Draculesti family.
I know you already imagine yourself walking on the narrow cobblestone streets of this medieval town, searching the house of Dracula, as to go onto his footsteps…
While you imagine yourself in Sighisoara, I’ll tell you some other stories about the clock tower, citadel’s walls and people of the city, on our blog.

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