Bran Castle – genuine medieval castle


Just imagine: you walking slowly in the night, on the road linking Brasov to Bran, with your friends at an evening stroll; suddenly a huge shadow pops-up, you look up and see a castle with its haughty, menacing and scary towers raising to the moon….

Bran Castle
That’s right! It is the famous Bran Castle! Built on top of a cliff, surrounded by forests of fir trees, both the castle and the landscape seems detached from a movie. We think that’s why Dracula loved this place so much, although he lived here for a short time, as a guest. At least this is what the chronicles are telling us.
As of today, who knows where the immortal Dracula is living? there’s no way to know, unless he is watching us from some hidden corridors of the castle.
If you chose to come in Romania, then Bran Castle is a must-see that you should not miss it.
The medieval fortress was built in the XIV century for military purposes, but over time it has undergone many changes. It was turned into the nowadays fairy-tale castle by the Queen Mary of Romania who received the castle in gratitude for her contribution to the Great Union of Romanian Principalities from 1918.
Although changes have been made, the Castle retains many elements of medieval Gothic architecture that give its mysterious, fascinating and scary aura.
If you already got here and you made acquainted with Dracula, you can also visit the exhibition of pottery, hunting trophies, antique furniture, arms and armour. You can also see Queen Mary’s bedroom, King Ferdinand’s bedroom, music room and library, to name just a few of the many rooms open to the public. And the bonus is the castle terrace, where you can enjoy a wonderful view of the surroundings.

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