The haunted Castle – between legend and truth


Somewhere in the heart of the mountains rises a strong and terrifying fortress, opening its doors with a creaky mystery. Built in the Gothic style, Corvin Castle was constructed at the orders of Iancu of Hunedoara, on a rock near the shore of a river, being the feudal residence and a strategic point. It is said that access to the castle could be done only by a rope pulled by a crane.

Corvin Castle
Around this castle, somehow a horror building, many terrifying legends, were embroidered. Whether inside the fortress’ walls still haunt the knights and the princess, the monks and the prisoners, vampires and other spirits, we let you find out.
Corvin Castle is one of the most important monuments of medieval art in Europe. It has 42 rooms, two terraces, two bridges. Being a house of horror, somewhere in the basement there is a torture room, where a mannequin is hanging and the noises of rattling chains and groans which are heard probably will scare you. It’s just a simulation and a return in the middle age.

Until you will decide what time of the year you want to visit the castle, whether it’s summer, spring or Halloween, you will soon find some more legends about it, on the blog.

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