The Royal Residence


It is said that by 1866, King Carol the 1st was forced to spend the night at the monastery of Neagu’s Bridge, the name under which was known Sinaia at that time. King Carol the 1st was strongly impressed by the beauty of this place. Wild and picturesque scenery have attracted him so much that he wanted to build a castle there as a summer residence for the royal family. But for long time after was built, the castle was used for political and military purposes.

Peles Castle
The works on the castle began in 1873 and ended in 1883. Thereafter followed the development plans, the current form of the castle being completed in 1914.
Between 1889 and 1903, the architect Karel Liman, who was in charge with the works, will have been done also the Pelisor, a replica of the prime building, which would have been the residence of King Ferninand the 1st of Romania and Queen Mary. The royal couple lived for a while at the Gazebo, a building that was devastated by a fire, but afterwards was rebuilt.
If you came to Peles Castle do not miss a visit inside the castle. Valuable collections of paintings, sculpture, armour, carpets, tapestries, pottery, cutlery items of gold and silver, porcelain, stained glass, will all impress you. You can admire all these treasures in Maura Hall, Florentin Saloon, Columns Hall, Concert Hall, the Armory Hall or in the Royal Library.
Be king for a few hours, during your visit to the castle!

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