I am very glad that you have stopped here!
Wait, don’t walk away! It’s me, the Danube Delta and I have a lot of stories to tell you!
Like I said before, let me introduce to you…

Boating in the Danube Delta

Hello, again!
I am the Danube Delta and I’ve been here ever since the Moon and the Sun came into the world.
I am very wide and I’ve got a lot of water channels you can go through if you want to get to know me…
Come on over and take a walk into my house, you’ve got a lot of things to see!

boat at the wharf
I invite you to boat through my lakes. The water will talk to you, whispering my stories. A murmur that only you will understand, once you get to know me. The reed that keeps me warm in the winter will rustle at every move; through that reed I hosted in my place all kinds of creatures of the Nature. A peaceful feeling will spread through, after hearing the birds twittering. Don’t be afraid, they are all mine! When I will blow my signal, they all will rise to the sky, so that you can admire them. Yes, I have pelicans, cormorants, storks, herons and egrets, red-breasted geese and eagles; and many other, overall more than 300 of species…

White Pelicans

Maybe you wonder how do all these birds feed themselves?
I’ve taken care of all. The nature is unique! I offer them, from my waters, important nutrients for their health, in addition to the living food that they can find all over here; that’s right, almost the entire fish species, you will find them here, just at my place!

When you will go on a sail through my waters, you will see fishes dancing right near your boat and they will be tempting you to get to know them, to fish them.
I am very generous and I will allow you to go fishing. Maybe you’ll find the golden fish; or maybe you will fish for the biggest fish within the area, so that you can step in the Guinness Book…


If you see waterlilies floating, don’t tear them out, I beg you, because they are my soldiers that guard me; they hold shade for me in the summer time when the Sun hugs me with his rays of light.

What can I tell you more about me? Oh, yes, of course, I’ve got many stories that are worth to tell and to share with you.
A long time ago, pirates came along to me, to hide treasures in the deep, treasures that mermaids wanted to find, and for that to happen, they were trying to seduce them with their beautiful voices and incredible beauty.
But I will let you discover the rest of the story and for you to decide what is true and what is myth.

cooking borscht

Please, go to the people that take care for me daily. They are the locals from this amazing part of the world and they are called ‘lipoveni’. These human beings are remarkable, trust me!
They will cook for you different dishes, all made with fish. One of the tastiest dish is, no doubt, a delicious borscht soup, made from the fish that I will give you as a present. Ask them nicely to cook it for you, and you will forever remember a special soup prepared from my water, on a fire made from brushwood of willow. You will see that this decent people, the ‘lipoveni’, will tell you the same things I did.

floating hotel

As a good host that I consider about myself, if you prefer, I can accommodate you in one of the existing floating hotels. Get advantage of this thing and we will talk to each other even by night! It will be quite a memory to remember… frogs and crickets, water and other tiny animals will all sing to you, into a noisy tranquillity, as to be assured that you will have a peaceful night sleep. Swinging on my waves, you will understand their language quickly and nobody is going to disturb you, I promise you!

guest house

If you don’t want to stay in a floating hotel, don’t worry, that’s okay, I don’t mind! You can rest over the night at one of the local people that are living here or at a hotel. You can also go to Sulina, Gura Portitei or Mila 23 to stay overnight… All of them are mine and I will be with you every day, everywhere.

I want to tell you a secret: please, don’t ever miss a sunrise or a sunset!
The Sun was once upon a time my beloved lover and now we can hug each other only twice a day and for that, this moments are important for us and will be for you, either.

sunset in the Danube Delta
Don’t forget to take home as much memories as you can! I want you to spread the word about me, wherever you go, because I am unique; I am the one and only; I am the Danube Delta!