Fun, joy, food and culture


Van Gogh Cafe

When you say club, you think of music, fun, lost nights, but we would like to show you a few locations that offer more than just a fun night. Bucharest is a cosmopolitan and buzzing city, where you can have fun until late in the morning, but it is also a city where you can enjoy, together with your friends, a lot of bits of culture, history, special meals from the Romanian cuisine and the hospitality of the Romanians.

Besides the architecture that was endowed with (museums, old houses, shopping centres), Bucharest offers many pubs, clubs, thematic restaurants, in few words: a very active nightlife of this city!

We invite you, therefore, to walk the streets of Bucharest and if you want a bit of culture, you should not miss the National Museum of History, People’s House (Parliament Palace), the second largest building in the world, after the Pentagon, the Village Museum and others. Also, you should go into the Old City centre, the meeting place of young people and not only, filled with outdoor restaurants and terraces, shops, old houses, pubs and coffee-shops.

We will send you details about every club, pub, restaurant, what is specific for each of them, as well as the menus and prices, and you can choose where you want us to make your reservation, when you arrive in Romania.

Do not forget about Dracula Castle! You will spend a whole day in the house of the famous vampire (read more about this here)

We are sure that you will fall in love with Bucharest and we will meet again for other city breaks.